Island style

My husband is a pilot and we are fortunate to travel often. Our favourite destinations involve anything nature related where we can explore the local terrain. This year we travelled to Mauritius and Sri Lanka on two different occasions. I do love city breaks but I grew up in South Australia by the coast so I think I subconsciously gravitate to these type of holidays.

My travel essentials for an island break are:

Sunscreen, mosquito repellent and aloe vera. Island weather can change from warm to monsoonal which tends to bring the insects out. Aloe is a great relief from harsh rays especially in islands which are closer to the equator.

A Panama style hat and sunglasses. Pack 2 different pairs of shades if you want to change-up your look.

Invest in great swimwear. I tend to take 3-4 bikinis on a week trip but each to their own. There are a lot of retailers selling online but most importantly choose something to suit your figure and style. If you are creative why not try a one piece with intricate cut outs? Jets swimwear are doing some great pieces! If your style is classic stick to a sliding tri 2 piece by brands like Elizabeth Hurley or Vix. Crochet is making a come back too. Shemademe is a brand to check out. Don’t forget H&M and River Island stock great styles too at affordable prices.

Light and loose pants. NO JEANS.

Gym outfit. To explore the island. A lot of resorts have bicycles so it’s a great opportunity to work off those poolside cocktails and see the area.

Kaftans. Make this your holiday ‘uniform’ along with your swimmers. There are so many beautiful Kaftans on the market. One step into Bloomingdale’s left me stunned. Get creative, get colourful. Choose something that matches your destination yet also inspires the sun goddess in you! This is a chance to ditch the suits and gym clothes and enjoy the idyllic surroundings.

One pair of dressy flats and one pair of flip-flops. Keep it simple. Unless you plan on going for a glam dinner, keep the heels for the city break.

Statement necklace or earings. Throw on at dinner time with a nice Kaftan or summer dress. Team with dressy flats and a slick of vibrant lipstick. Your newly bronzed skin will do the rest!

Signature fragrance. Choose something that is fresh and resonates with good times.

kaftan 3         packing sri lan kafta   sri pam me beachkaftan 2



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